From the desk of Jessica Cage…

I made a decision that for 2014 I would not do any free book promotions. When I looked at the numbers from 2013, the majority of downloads (like basically all of them) were free promos. Yes it felt good to see that so many people had downloaded my work but the truth about free promos is that they often go unread. We one-click and move on to the next and those books no matter how amazing they may be will sit in our archives never to be touched. This year, I wanted to see if my work could hit just as many kindles as they did when there were set for zero pennies. And I am so proud to say that all the hard work, dedication, blood sweat and tears that I put into my work actually paid off. I committed myself to this journey because it is all I have ever wanted and I realized that if I wanted to continue on, I had to do more, be more, improve and grow and I feel as though that happened in a major way this year. Not only did my books rank but for a sweet few days my name was in the top 50 for all paranormal romance authors (How freaking sweet is that!) I not only hit my goal but I surpassed it and its because of all of my awesome followers and supporters. I sit here and I realize that most of those awesome people found me because of those free promos. So to celebrate a successful year and to kick the new year off with a bang I have decided to give a gift to all of my followers by setting one of my books up for a free promotion from Dec. 28 – Jan.1. To some this may be no big thing because there are free books everywhere but to me, this is a sign of triumph that I am so eager to share with you all.
Thank you all for such a wonderful year!
I hope you will continue on this amazing journey with me.
So excited for the new year!


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