Passion on the 5th by Nakeda Niesi (A NASA Weekend Series Book I)

What Richard Baxterbull wanted more than anything in the world, was a certain sexy seductive scientist to make him feel complete, maybe even whole again? But who was he kidding…she barely knew he existed; well at least that’s what he thought. But, he wanted her and he wanted her bad! The desire was there without a doubt and day by day it continued to grow. He tried to reach out to her but something or someone was always getting in the way. And then there were the rumors of her being institutionalized. But could the rumors be true? He was drawn to her…he wanted her…he wanted her body…damn the rumors…he wanted her bad. He had to have her and he knew exactly what he needed to do to make her his own.

When Julie was asked whether or not she believed that all orgasms were equal regardless of how a person experienced them…her immediate thought was “outlet sex”. But before she could respond she heard a woman say ‘If you could change a man’s view of what ‘normal’ human sexuality is…would you’? Then she handed her a business card and said hope to see you there. After several days of thumbing the edges of the card she received from her college reunion, Julie Trask read the card again. The name on the card was Dr. Christina Vonn Shelby…with a slogan that said ‘Working to change society’s view of human sexuality for your man…for your woman…for you…one session at a time. Come in …let us teach you.’

From that moment on he became her focus. Thinking of him did things to her body that even he never knew. But then there were the rumors of him being a playboy, the stripper, dancer no attachment kind of guy. She couldn’t help but wonder for a second if the rumors were really true. Way past the point of not caring, she reached for the door and walked inside. There was a sign in the lobby that read, ‘Welcome to the Institution’ along with the pictures of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, Dr. Wardell B. Pomeroy and Dr. Christina Vonn Shelby. Seeing them she couldn’t help but smile. And from that moment on she knew exactly what she needed to do.

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Passion On the 5th (NASA Weekend) (Volume 1)

Sep 8, 2013

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