Support and Inspiration…Some People Just Get You/My Friend Elizabeth Grant

Elizabeth Grant

Sometimes you never know where the support that you so desperately need, or even the support that you are not aware that you need will actually come from. This past year I have had the distinct honor, privilege and pleasure of meeting an amazing woman. It was through her lovely daughter Elle Alexander…yes the amazing author and illustrator of Grimly Jane and the ever inspiring works of her characters in the Children’s Novel Spanelli.

Elizabeth is such an amazing talent, that she has through God, passed down this awesome and amazing artistic ability onto her darling daughters…yes daughters, one of which…goes by the Artistic name of Lily Dreampop….you’ll read more about her later as well as the Creative Other side of Elizabeth the Creator of Hortense the Dollmaker TBA and Released April 2015.

As a source of inspiration…I am able to start each day with a spoonful of Positive granules that always take me through my morning and into the better part of my day when I’m working from home. Other day’s, well I have to grab hold of the granules at the end of a long day of doing –what it is that I do–that causes me to use a car to reach my destination like many of you and clock in.

Now that’s what I call Good Old Fashioned Support and Inspiration…Some people just get you! And for me…i’ts Elizaeth

First…Like any great mom (who has the time) and Good Friend…she sets you up by providing you with one of these…

Followed by a visual and words of encouragement…

Always something for you to think about…AND believe me it will include a book or two…Especially when she’s supporting Little Ole Indie Writers like me…

Followed by a warm inspirational…


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