From the Writing Mind of Michael Linen…/The Quiet Storm Erotic Tales

In His Own Words….

My name is Michael, but those who know me affectionately call me “Smoove”. I was born in New York City, and mainly grew up in the Bronx. Throughout my school years, all of my English teachers were very impressed with my writing skills and abilities. They would always tell me that I should pursue a career in writing. They said that I had a unique way of touching many feelings and emotions thru my writing. Of course, I tried to pursue everything but that. Unfortunately, it took getting sick, and having all of my friends at that time turn their backs on me during that very difficult period, did I need a outlet to channel the frustration, anger, and disappointment that I felt. For me, it has always been thru what I know best. Writing!!! Like a recording artist in front of a microphone, or a actor in front of the cameras… When I’m writing, that becomes my stage and my platform to create and perform.

The Quiet Storm Erotic Tales…

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Book Description

July 22, 2014
Dontay Anderson, the CEO of So Smoove Productions has grown tired and bored with his increasingly routine marriage, and his passionless, and affectionless wife Terri. She just isn’t taking care of her business at home. Instead, she seems to rather spend more time with her best friend Crystal Perez, who just despises, and hates Dontay. He feels locked out of not only his wife’s body, but her heart and her life as well. The hunger for sexual attention, sexual pleasure, and sexual gratification begins to build within him.
Terri and her best friend Crystal suspects that Dontay is having a affair with Aaliyah, his best friend of twenty–two years. A woman that the two ladies absolutely hate, for no other reason than her being absolutely beautiful, and Dontay’s best friend. They both develop a obsession to try and prove their suspicion.

Dontay finally acts on the temptation that has built up in him from his wife’s lack of love, affection, and intimacy. He has several steamy and erotic sexual encounters. But its the encounter that he has with his best friend Aaliyah, in which he finds all that he has been seeking, but was not getting from his wife.
Terri unleashes a game of deceit and deception on her husband Dontay and his best friend Aaliyah. A game of deceit and deception that is going to change everyone’s life forever.

Book Description

October 6, 2014
Christopher, once a straight laced young man is devastated when he suspects that his father has been having a sexual affair with his girlfriend. Hurt emotionally and mentally, it changes him. The once straight laced young man begins to have several sexual affairs, and committing a few illicit acts of betrayal of his own.
He has sexual encounters with the wife of his boss, his brother’s girlfriend, and his best friend of 20 years wife. But soon after, karma begins to rain down on him, and his life becomes filled with turmoil.
Angry with the karma and turmoil that now seems to consume his life, Christopher commits one final act of betrayal. A illicit act of betrayal that is full of vengeance.

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