From the Writing Mind of Dan Alatorre…Savvy Stories: Funny things I learned from my daughter

Savvy Stories: Funny things I learned from my daughter by Dan Alatorre

Biography…taken from his Amazon Bio…

Best-Selling author and humorist Dan Alatorre turns his sights on fatherhood in “Savvy Stories,” and the results are hilarious.
Dan was just a normal guy – until he became a first-time dad at the age of 47 – when most of his friends were becoming grandparents or sending their kids off to college. Some will argue that Dan was never a normal guy, but nobody will argue that the addition of a bouncing baby girl changed his life. His comedic debut book “Savvy Stories” tells humorous tales about a loving dad who sees the magic in children, and isn’t a bumbling stooge about changing diapers like some TV sitcom.
Dan followed up the success of “Savvy Stories” with the even better sequel “The TERRIBLE Two’s,” and his inspirational book “The Long Cutie,” which deals with life affirming stories about people with a rare heart condition. Dan also writes short stories about parenting and family humor that appeal to everyone.
Dan’s success is widespread and varied. He became a best selling author (he claims it was a slow sales week at Amazon when that happened) and has achieved President’s Circle with two different Fortune 500 companies. But he has always been a writer. He says…
“I wrote cartoons as a kid, created a newspaper at my grade school, was co-editor of my high school newspaper… I had a desire to tell unique stories in an amusing way. I’m glad my smart aleck sense of humor has found a productive outlet.”
Dan Alatorre was born in Ohio, and graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida (Go BULLS!), before earning an MBA from Tampa College. Dan, Michele and Savvy live in the Tampa area with their dog and cat, and an occasional armadillo (“but we’re working on that”)
Dan can be contacted through Facebook
“Savvy Stories by Dan Alatorre” on Twitter
and his Blog

5.0 out of 5 stars Funny Things I Learned From My Daughter by Dan Alatorre …,January 18, 2015
By Kristen Collins “book addict” (Saint Louis, MO USA)
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Savvy Stories: Funny Things I Learned From My Daughter (Kindle Edition)
Book Review…
Savvy Stories: Funny Things I Learned From My Daughter by Dan AlatorreSynopsis
First I must say that it’s been quite some time since I’ve read a book that can hit the spot and find it’s mark, then latches onto your mind the way that Savvy Stories: Funny things I learned from my daughter attacked and latched on to my ‘Funny Bone’. I found this to be quite refreshing to read/hear and all being told from a males’ perspective…especialy one that was so spot on at documenting and pointing out first hand…such accuracy and attention to detail of his daughter’s first moments…even through her presious (terrible two’s stage). Most ( first time dad’s)…or rather ( ‘new’ father’s) don’t normaly have a (moment by moment) interest in their newborns’ life to a point of recording…and documenting… most are at that stage scared that they will drop or break their little one…(figure of speech)! They normally are not interested in every detail imagineable, but to actually go the distance with the whole process from birth and beyond with an occassional bout with sleeplessness and fatique…the joys of raising children for those of us whose been there provides you with…. I find quite commendable in him. These stories are absolutely on the reminisible …I remember when scale for me. They are so vivid to the imagination and so relivable especially now when reflecting takes me back nearly 30 years ago.

My Rating Scale
1 star – for interest peak…now you’ve got me…but can you keep me
2 stars – author tells a story that flows…it’s either good or not so good
3 stars – author makes you ask questions, questions and more questions…but doesn’t stop
4 stars – story has the element of surprise or suspense…
5 stars – now what… a conclusions is reached or anticipation follows
I gave Savvy Stories: Funny things I learned from my daughter 5+1 Stars out of 5…the 1 for remembering the things that little Savvy says at 20 months old and then later at 2 when Grandpa pays a visit.

From the moment Dan presented his ‘Breaking News from the hospital Delivery Segment’ of the birth of little Savannah (Savvy), I just knew that this guy was definitely headed on his way to the dog house…Who actually records and social blabs this sort of thing…especially the way he did…??
I kept sayin within the first five chapters…Yep…any minute now Michelle is gonna read him the riot act…the nerve of this guy…her guy…recording and posting the whole sha-bang for all to see…
Yep dog house indeed…but that wasn’t the case. Geesh…talk about an understanding woman…
So I kept thinking while reading…but notta!
As I continued to laugh I remembered at the beginning reading that this guy wrote cartoons as a kid, so quite naturally his sense of humor was…and had been warped and doomed from the start.
There are so many moments that made me laugh and display other emotions that I was able to read this book in one sitting…And Un-interrupted…which within itself is rare for me.
The stuff inside…well let me just say, there’s absolutely no way a person could sit and make this sort of stuff up…it takes the heart of a child to make us stand to our feet… bring us to our knees…and then make us stand and leap for joy…sometimes all within minutes of each other.
I don’t care how much advice you receive from others…these are things that no one male or female couple could ever prepare for. These are definitely the “You Must Experience These Things For Yourself” that you have togo through in order to get the Full experience.
Inside you’ll read and laugh at things that I consider to be perks that come with parenting…the old Learn as you go method or guide. No wonder he recorded everything…
Little Savvy and Dan will take you on a journey where you’ll get a one-on-one lesson in playing dress up…and even a lesson on the things a two year old can do with a toothbrush…Remembering also that this first time going around the block for this mom and dad just happened to take place while other couples their age had already made it pass the whole 9 yards of “Baby on Board’… some 18-20 years prior.
However, I did find it heart-warming to learn that once they made the announcement that Little Savannah would make her debut within 9 months…how receptive and supportive friends and family were to hear the news. And even still as I continued to read I kept right on laughing…and thinking that this guy had learned his lesson…he breaks out with more social media antics and quick & qwerky anecdotes about his family and daughters life.
I just about died when he talked about receiving instructions on things to do to help him conceive, then…the stunt with the car seat, his facial expression from seeing his precious Savvy for the first time, how he encountered stage-fright from a mere lullaby…to more important things like teething, baby talk AND… in a blink of an eye…how fast they… well in this case…Lil Savvy grow…to all of the wonderful first things first.. that all baby’s do.

Oh and for the record…Icks-nay with the whole snake thing(I don’t do snakes’)…armadillo’s and other visitors from ‘Wild Kingdom’ that are hilariously mentioned along the read.


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