From the Writing Mind of Rosemary Rey…Book III of the Pentagon Group

Rosemary Rey is back at it again..this time with Book III from the Pentagon Group entitled…


Rosemary Rey

So…here’s what Rosemay has to say about…well, Rosemary…

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After years of making little money as a public interest lawyer, Rosemary Rey left practice to make her fantasies come alive on the page. She writes in the Midwest while her three children spend time at school then arrive home to play video games on their Kindles, as her husband looks over forlornly at her typing in front of the blue screen. Rosemary has been reading books for pleasure all her life and started writing short stories for her own pleasure since the age of ten-years-old. After months of thinking about writing a novel, Rosemary self published her first book as a ‘before I hit 40’ goal. Rebound was conceived in January of 2014, after she couldn’t stop thinking about the characters swirling in her head. In order to justify writing Erotic Suspense instead of her legal practice, Rosemary incorporated legal concepts in her series, so she could tell her loved ones that her active license is still put to good use, but should NEVER be used as legal advice. She hopes you like her first fiction offering, and all the books that were published thereafter.

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Product Details
Flame to be published on November 10, 2014 a standalone book of Erotica. Review following:

“Gorgeous cover, it’s simplicity draws you in with the black background and I like that Rosemary did not go for the obvious due to the book title. This is Rosemary’s third book, I have previously read her and did thoroughly enjoy Rebound and her style of writing. In this book that style is taken up a notch in my opinion, and I found myself reading an absolutely beautiful piece of erotic literature. Often the words erotic and literature are at odds with each other in the same sentence but not here. There’s a flair of elegance throughout this book, written in the third person (which I know Rosemary was eager to try) I never got lost or stumbled with who was saying or doing what, it just had a wonderful flow to it making it an easy and captivating read. Rosemary has such a refined way with her words, her descriptive text is just exquisite.
I’m not giving the story away (I never do) but in a nutshell this story is of two people who are not particularly broken but find that they are lacking something in their lives. That something is each other. Kit could be construed as your alpha male (if you read between the lines) but he has that something that makes girls knees weak, you will swoon for Kit! I adored the fact that his beard is a feature….hot!! And Diana, she is a quirky little lady with a bag full of confidence and a serious crush on Kit before she even met him. She has been known for her stalker tendencies so constantly reverts back to her therapy in order to keep herself in check. Both have some hot fantasies about each other through out the whole book, a little x-rated at times but isn’t that what erotica is? They weren’t vulgar in any way whatsoever and were a pleasure to read. Yes, there is some BDSM in here but it felt light to me and not so hardcore, that suited this book better.
At chapter three I was awwwwing and ahhhing, there are some seriously beautiful moments throughout this whole book. Along with some misunderstandings, extremely hot scenes that have some passionate and mesmeric language thrown in, this is a book that is really hard to put down. Their relationship becomes intense and all consuming to each other. There are other characters which make an appearance in the book to give you a good, well balanced story with just enough to pull you in, and I was pleased to see reference to her previous books in here as well. (Though you do not need to read them in order to follow this story)
All in all this book was a pleasure to read, I got the warm fuzzies, the wet panties (cough), the frustrated stomps and eventually the sigh of happiness. Loved it, absolute firm fan of Rosemary’s after reading this latest book. Don’t change your style….it’s a breath of fresh air 🙂 Huge 5!”


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