Poems From Big Brother Jim”N”Indy

Big Brother put down his journalistic writing pen…and replaced it with a shorter…retractable ballpoint…And well…he tried his hand at poetry…writing a poem a day for 365 days….Now that’s discipline…Nelson…

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In asking him how he did it…his reply was…
I’ll get back to me…and you on that…,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Along The Way

I met myself along the way
doing what I always wanted to do
with no regards to what anyone thought
happiness had a home in everything I did
but a funny thing happened when
I found myself
I did not recognize who I was
because I had convinced myself
that I would never be able to do the things
I wanted to do and I would have to
settle for whatever crumbs fell from
the table of life
and then it occurred to me as I walked
up and looked myself in the eye
that the person I did not recognize
was actually doing what I always wanted to do
and as I walked away I thought
what a wonderful life the me
I met along the way must have
he is doing what I always wanted to do
and then it finally sank in
that was not a stranger on the street
I had come face to face with myself
a daytime doppelganger encounter
and when I finally figured out
that it was not some stranger that
just happened to be my height and weight
with my exact build and smile
it was me and the worst part of it all
was by the time I realized what was
going on and went back to
embrace me finally finding myself
I was gone
as if I never existed
what a shame to find yourself
only to lose yourself
at the same time
along the way


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