From The Writing Mind Of Nakeda Niesi/ (NASA Weekend Series Book I) Passion on the 5th

Take two people and a massive thunderstorm.

Subtract electrical power from a five story building.

Add a little desire.

Blend in a little fire.

Mix in a little sex…

And what do you get?


This is Book I Of the NASA Weekend Series

“A little love between two people is generally all that’s needed for sparks to fly in a relationship. But when there’s a whole lot of love between the two people, well that makes it even better. I believe that people look for love, look to find love, look to give love, and look to be loved to possess and fulfill a sense of belonging to and for that special someone. Love…whether its found in life, in a book, real or imaginative …falling in love, being in love, being loved and experiencing love is something that everyone should get to experience at least once in his or her life.Deeply and passionately enamored. Its all about love. Love, love, love and more love.” Nakeda Niesi

Nakeda Niesi

Nakeda Niesi lives in the Midwest. This poet turned writer loves to read and after twenty years of storytelling and working as a reading and communications specialist, she is finally doing the one thing that she has long had a passion to do–and that’s tell stories that will both educate and entertaining the mind, one person at a time…one book at a time. This veteran Education Consultant and Self-Esteem Coach has helped a countless number of couples and individuals build self-confidence as they learned to recognize and accept their own psychological health and self worth of worthiness. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters of Science in Computer Education & Technology. She likes writing about love, togetherness, and new experiences and of course the occasional buffet of one on one with tha special someone. Her stories are written with couples in mind…because between two people, there’s so much to tell and well doing so, would require one to read what’s inside the pages of the book. Once there…you can decide for yourself whether or not the story has that happy ending that’s [to be or not to be] because my friend…that is the question.

Author Page:

Passion on the 5th is the first book of the (NASA Weekend Series) 

Excerpt:      NASA Weekend Series Book II–White Sands Wedding

It was  their last night in Maui. Julie wanted to spend a little time with her newly bonded BFF’s. She also needed to take a break from Richard…a.k.a. (Doc Holiday) and his Six Gun Salute. She needed time to map out a strategy. One that could top the ‘Passion’ that happened between them back at headquarters ‘on the fifth’ floor where they worked.  Her focus…well let’s just say “School was back in session” and this time she needed to send him throbbing, aching and swollen all the way down to the end to those two… twenty-four carats of that unpolluted-unadulterated sex machine of his.

Nakeda can be reached at:


Twitter        Nakeda Niesi @nakeda_niesi


Look for the Release of the second book (NASA Weekend Series Book II/ White Sands Wedding)                                            Late Spring — Early Summer 2015


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