From the Writing Mind of K. Nelson-Collins…Murder by Acquittal

Christian is an expert in Crime Scene Analysis and he’s been assigned yet another bizarre and puzzling case; shortly after three men acquitted of a triple murder in the city go free. Which is what actually started it all. But when he learns that a woman’s body has washed up on the bed of the Eads Bridge, he’s immediately called away from his current case to the scene. At the request of the Mayor, he’s told to meet the Chief at the crime scene on the Riverfront, tie up loose ends, and solve the mystery of this crime. When he arrives on the scene, he gets this premonition, this off feeling of déjà vu that someone knew he was coming…someone knew he was there. It was like it was strategically planned for him to be at that exact place… at that exact time. If he solves this, it would put a record of one hundred cases solved out of one hundred. That’s if he himself doesn’t end up floating along the mighty Mississippi.

About the Author

K. Nelson-Collins is an all around book addict. This former educator turned writer loves all things connected to books while exploring words and worlds from allgenres. She was asked once how old she was when she first got hooked on reading, and four years old was the answer K. Nelson-Collins gave. She told them that she was fascinated by big books, and books with 200 pages or more and the stories found inside, especially the ones written about murder mysteries, crimes and thrillers. Explaining to them that she grew up during a time in the 1970’s when the Library on Wheels called the Bookmobile was popular. The little library on wheels would visit the neighborhood elementary schools’ and students would visit by classroom groups to view and check out library books. So… after seeing and reading so many books off the portable book library, she’s been hooked on books ever since. She believes that there’s just something about a book’s cover that always manages to catch her eye and reel her in. And after reading those wonderfully written words that appear on page after page, after page, she can’t help reading them from cover to cover. She’s a book junkie and addict and because she’s read just about everything there is to read, especially the ones full of romance and the ones that go bump in the night… she’s finally found the time to sit down and create her own words-and allow them to form a life of their own— through her own writing. And now that I think about her work, I guess being a story-teller, writer and author is not so bad after all. Murder mysteries piqued her interest at an early age, where she watched numerous re-runs of Charlie Chan, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and every episode of Murder She Wrote, to name a few. She’s an alumna of STLCC; and Harris Stowe State University. Fontbonne University is her Alma mater. The J. C. Taylor campus library is the nucleus of her character inspirations’ origination.
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