From The Writing Mind of Jessica Cage …. From The Alphas Book II /Jeremiah

After leaving his home, tired of living in the shadow of a brother who hadn’t known he existed, Jeremiah’s life took an unusual path. A rogue wolf, he found himself part of a new pack, a team of elite mutated wolves fighting off all the things that go bump in the night. Science and magic combined to turn his wolf into an entirely new beast. Life was good, his wolf could run free whenever he pleased, and women flocked to him.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. When one of their targets escapes and injures his brother, Jeremiah is faced with a difficult decision. Stay in line and let his brother die, or defy his orders and try to save the only family he has left. Through a fortunate coincidence his journey home reconnected him with a lost love; but even she has her secrets…

Demons never stay hidden for long…

And just to play catch up….check out the Alphas Book I MALCOLM

Alpha’s word Alpha’s Law. That is what Malcom had always believed and followed. Until the day his Alpha decided to not only take everything from him; his love and his pack but also to exile him and declare him enemy of their people. Hunted down liked a rabid animal to be taken care of, he tries to do the best he can; he refuses to let his former Alpha turn him into a killer of his own kind. While trying to stay ahead of yet another hunting party, Malcom calls in an old debt from the unlikeliest of allies. Vincent has lost all sense of reality. He only lives now to exact revenge on those he thinks have betrayed him in one way or another. Once an advocate of saving their race he is now the one destroying it. He wants nothing more than Malcom’s head on a platter for as far as Vincent is concerned all of his troubles can be laid at Malcom’s feet.
Now Malcom is called upon to take down his former Alpha, something he has wanted to avoid. However, things have gone too far. Vincent is so far gone he is sending children out to be slaughtered. Will Malcom be able to bring himself to help a people who have effectively turned their backs on him? If the time comes will Malcom be able to deliver the death blow? Is there any saving these people from the sadistic tyrant they call Alpha? Is there any hope of them walking away and starting fresh? Will the truth behinds Vincent’s madness be too much for his people to handle?


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