The Cancer Dancer: Healing One Step at a Time…by Patricia San Pedro

When Emmy Award winner, author, and photographer Patricia San Pedro was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made a decision. “I am going to use my healing journey to help others going through this or any other difficult challenge in their life and I’m going to dance through it.” Pat documented four years of her journey. She bared her thoughts, emotions, heart, breasts, bald head, and soul to show others that they really can do more than survive an illness. They can thrive. Live. Laugh. Love. Dance! The Cancer Dancer is a result of this documentation. Pat intimately shares her healing journey and a collection of tips, advice, and innovative ideas learned from her experiences as well as other women who have walked the same path. The Cancer Dancer is for patients and those who love them. It is also for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful, happy life. The book is empowering, life-changing, informative, uplifting, and easy to read. As Pat always says, “Joy is a choice away.”

About the Author

Pat is passionate. If she dreams it, she embraces it and makes it happen. A native of Cuba, Pat grew up on Miami Beach and graduated from the University of Miami. She is a Photographer, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, 3-time Emmy Award Winning TV Producer, Community Leader & Breast Cancer Survivor. Pat began her career at Capitol Records. She worked and played in radio and television for years. At Miami’s WTVJ NBC, she created an environmental awareness campaign called “A Matter of Pride,” which earned her Emmys and accolades. Pat then flew to American Airlines where she was their key spokesperson in Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America. She ended her “Corporate Life” at The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald as VP. In 2001, San Pedro opened her PR firm San Pedro Productions. In May 2005, Pat really started to have fun when she published her first book, “Dish & Tell: Life, Love and Secrets” co-authored with several friends known as the Miami Bombshells. Together they also created “Camp Bombshell,” women’s-only weekend retreats. Pat’s busy life came to a screeching halt in 2008 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the same disease that took her young mother’s life 20 years earlier. However, from the moment of diagnosis, Pat saw her cancer as an opportunity – something that was brought to her life for a reason. She made a decision: to look at the cancer as a blessing that would change her life for the better. She danced her way through a double mastectomy and year of chemotherapy (which she calls Sacred Juice), videotaping the entire healing journey to help others who are diagnosed. Today, Pat uses her story to inspire others. She encourages audiences to live a positive and purposeful life She brings women together through her group the Link of Hope Sistas. Together, they educate, empower and inspire others going through challenges. Pat is the subject of an inspirational documentary based on her healing journey called “Why NOT Me” (Tengo Cáncer), which she co-produced for Discovery Familia and Discovery Home & Health. Pat is the founder of, an inspirational health and wellness site offering tips, breakthrough news by world-renowned medical experts, spiritual wisdom and insights, and a one-on-one connection with breast cancer sisters and a whole lot more. Media coverage and TV appearances include: Today Show, Extra TV, NY Times, Woman’s World and The Miami Herald.
Available on Kindle and Paperback

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